You are listening to "Winter Wonderland" By Elvis

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~Winter Wonderland Magic~

A snow white Christmas, I would love to see
With the ground covered in snow flakes pure white
In Florida, 'tis a rare sight to be
A snow white Christmas, I would love to see
In a Winter Wonderland, you and me
Hearing carols sung under lights so bright
A snow white Christmas, I would love to see>br> With the ground covered in snow flakes pure white
Copyright 2004 Ethel GG Kent

~The Nativity Scene~

Outside a Church on a cold winter's night
A Nativity Scene, underneath a bright light
Trying to tell a wonderful story, you see
The true meaning of Christmas told you and me
Many years ago, in the Bible we're told
God sent His Son on this earth to behold
He sent Him to Mary to have as her son
She knew this babe was Gods chosen One

As Mary and Joseph on this long journey went
She got very tired carrying the One God had sent
So they tried to find a room at the inn
A night in the hay, they found they would spend

Born on that night was a little baby boy
His name was Jesus, He brought them much joy
In swaddling clothes was the little Christ child
Was put in the manger to rest for a while
God sent angels to watch over Him
Keeping them safe was His plan for them
Three wise men came, traveling from afar
To worship the Child born, were led by a star

This is the start as unfolds the story
Of a Saviour sent from His place in Glory
The true meaning seen on a cold winters night
The blessed Nativity Scene 'neath a bright light
Copyright 2003 Ethel GG Kent

~Christmas Trees~
Beginning of the Christmas tree
Have legends far and near
Of each and every one
This is my favorite to hear

It is told that this happened
On a long ago precious night
When Jesus was born in Bethlehem
All living things were led by the light

A light shining brightly
On the stable above the manger
Even trees came bearing their gifts
The light from stars kept them all from danger

Dates were brought by the palm
Fruit was from the olive tree
But the lowly little fir had not
A gift for the Christchild to see

It wanted so badly to see Jesus
But the big trees pushed it aside
It was standing in the background
Its view the other trees did hide

A nearby Angel saw this happen
And took pity on the little tree
She commanded a cluster of stars to rest
On the firs bough for all to see

When Baby Jesus saw this sight
It was so beautiful to behold
He declared this happen at Christmas time
To please little children, we are told

So as we admire our Christmas trees
With each shiny glow of light
Let us remember this story of Baby Jesus
And the stars from Heaven shining brightly at night

Copyright 2004 Ethel GG Kent

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